Who We Are & What We Do

ValiantLane LLC is a management consulting and executive coaching firm generating workforce sustainability for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) sector. Our purpose is to create and sustain a pipeline of highly skilled, committed, responsible, accountable, and self-regulating workers who demonstrate leadership at every level of experience — from the line to the C-Suite.

We achieve this goal by working with organizations, institutions, and individuals to build workforce capability and capacity through the entire work-life cycle, beginning at the undergraduate and graduate level, transitioning to first-time employment, maturing as experienced professionals, progressing into the highest levels of executive management, and then contributing the accumulated wealth of experience back to the next generation.

Workforce capability is an organization’s ability to achieve its goals and fulfill its mission through the knowledge, skills, talent, and proficiencies of its people. Workforce capacity is the ability to ensure consistently sufficient staffing levels of workers with those required capabilities.

What Distinguishes Us?

  • Rigorous multi-disciplinary scientific, engineering, and business work experience as seller-doer consulting scientist and operations manager in the STEM Sector.
  • Technical consulting expertise for industry, commerce & government.
  • Corporate operations management perspective.
  • Ability to relate, inspire, motivate & activate people to perform at their professional and personal best.
  • Results-producing executive coaching all our clients attain their goals.
  • Short-term problem solving investment that produces long-term benefits.
  • High return on investment.

How We Help You Build Your Sustainable STEM Workforce Pipeline

The economic sustainability of your organization depends on employee commitment to fulfilling roles and responsibilities that support of your organization’s mission. For optimal performance and sustainability, the organization-employee relationship must be authentic and it must be Win-Win. That means that the work and life goals of your employees are a best fit with your organizational goals.

Getting to that Win-Win is our sweet spot, and where we are uniquely qualified to enable you to clearly define, articulate, and activate a set of targeted, workforce developmental goals that enhance employee recruiting, engagement, commitment, talent development, and retention. It is our consulting and coaching work in these key areas that provides you with the advantage of actually achieving your authentic Win-Win:

  • Talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies.
  • Accelerated New Hire Integration.®
  • Authentic career-life ownership and management.
  • Employee engagement and performance.
  • Targeted networking to build positive professional relationships.
  • Promotion preparation and transition.
  • Succession plans and exit strategies.